New Year, New You?

I don’t know about you, but every January I receive an email from some gym, workout company, personal trainer, pretty much anyone in the fitness world, trying to convince me that this year is MY year to CHANGE my life. Hmm, while I welcome change and strongly encourage it (if it is what you desire of your life), I don’t agree in the mystical notion of new year, new you. The reality is that January 1 is just another day and there is nothing special or unique about using that day to set your life path in order.  However, every year the health and athletic industry wins the marketing wars and convinces us to buy some weight loss pill that will never work or join a gym we will never go to.

Now, if you attended my workshop, Redefining Healthy, you understand that I’m all about change and good health, but I’m all about approaching it from a manner that sets you up for success versus failure. So this New Years Day, instead of writing out a long list of things you have to change in your life, how about writing out a list of things you love about yourself and all that you accomplished in 2014. Set up a plan for a couple of achievable goals and don’t tackle them all in January. Lastly, focus on improving yourself from within. Honor the woman that you are and celebrate the one you desire to become. On that note, I wish you a very special New Year and may 2015 bring you lots of love, wealth and good health!

As part of my own personal annual reflection, I’ve included a recap of my journey through 2014. I look forward to hearing more about your 2014 journey and your path for 2015.


January – Received a job offer for my dream job, started my organic eating journey and did Tai Chi with a master while in Hong Kong.

February – Followed my passion to launch “Suits, Heels and Curves“.

March – Made my first major blog financial commitment, my Nikon 3200 and took my first crack at an OOTD blog post.


April – Conducted a joint blog project with the beautiful Sahar Paz, traveled to Cartagena, Colombia and wrote one of my favorite posts about shopping junior plus.

May – We moved into our new home (yay!), I was featured in ‘Plus Model Magazine Blog’ as one of the top 25 Plus Size Bloggers to Follow on Instagram and I shared my personal struggle with weight and self acceptance.

June – Work travel got the best of me, but I still managed to squeeze in my first “Full Figured Fashion Week” as a blogger – and what a week it was!


July – My parents came to visit us in NY, work took me to Panama, Cancun and Mexico City and on the blog I focused on how to stay cool during the warmer summer weather.

August – Had the honor of speaking at an industry conference and hosted the “Chalk it up to Style” event for Lane Bryant which lead me to a post focused on the LBD.

September – Work travel took me to Puerto Rico, attended “Uptown Fashion Week” and as the fall weather came around I focused on getting my last use out of my gorgeous IGIGI maxi dress.


October – Joined the team at ‘Plus Model Magazine Blog‘!

November – Conducted my first “Redefining Healthy“.

December Holiday parties with Ashley Stewart and Lane Bryant, Christmas with my family and friends, and closed out the year with being featured in Dare Magazine as their Top 20 favourite #daretowear moments of 2014.

Once again to all of my beautiful followers, may 2015 bring you lots of happiness.  Thank you for joining me on this amazing ride. Love you!

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