Leggings for Work – Yes or No?

Those who know me well, know my gripe over leggings – especial leggings in the workplace.  Ladies, I too love wearing a comfy pair of leggings with a tunic to run errands or to lounge at home over the weekend.  I will even wear them for work with dresses.  However, what I want to discuss today is the use of leggings as pants.




Now, leggings have come a long way from the stretchy, cheaply made, hosiery alternative we saw a few years ago.  Today, most designers have jumped in the legging game designing leggings that offer more support, coverage and designs that take the legging into a new realm of sophistication. So yes, we are not discussing the Forever 21 leggings you pick up for $8.  These are leggings that have been developed to look like a pant, but function like a legging.  So with that in mind, check out my tips on how to shop for that perfect pair of leggings for the work place.





  1. Fabric – Leggings with a weightier fabric will work well for the office.  If I’m shopping online, this is the first thing I look at.  A ponte knit or scuba will work well and offer good coverage.
  2. Try it on!   Try on your leggings in natural light.  Use a mirror or a reliable friend to gauge the sheerness of your leggings.  This is one of my biggest struggles with leggings.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t care for others knowing the color of my undies.  If I really love a pair of leggings and they are slightly too sheer, I’ll just slip a lighter weight legging underneath which not only offers me additional coverage, but also support.
  3. Look for leggings with interesting designs that resemble a traditional pant.  Small prints are best, but interesting materials also work well.  I was drawn into this pair from Lane Bryant because of its beautiful velvety print on the front.  I’ve paired this pant with a blazer and a blouse for work and a party top for a night out.
  4. Sizing!!!  Sizing is so important with leggings.  Some people assume that because the fabric stretches that sizing down is OK. Unfortunately, problems with sheerness and fit are typically due to having the wrong size.  Definitely think twice with sizing down. For this pair I actually decided to size up, specifically because I wanted them to look more like a pant for work. I’m in a size 20 and I feel they fit perfect.






What are you thoughts regarding leggings in the work place?  What other retailers do you recommend for work appropriate leggings? 




Top (no longer available – similar here) & Bag – Forever 21

Leggings – Lane Bryant (After writing this post I noticed LB calls these leggings “skinny pants”.  However, after trying them on and their listed leggings here I can honestly say they felt identical in weight and cut.)

Hat – Ashley Stewart (no longer available – similar here)

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