This week I watched as young women hugged model Candice Huffine and thanked her for being bold and brave.  I watched as women of all sizes ran up to the “Plus Size Sexy Bus” (as we called it) to get a hold of the much coveted #ImNoAngel tee-shirt.  I watched as men shared and celebrated that it was about time real women were represented in mainstream campaigns and I watched as thousands of beautiful Lane Bryant fans and followers flooded Instagram and Facebook with images of what sexy meant to them.  This week Lane Bryant launched their #imnoangel campaign and revolutionized the definition of sexy in mainstream America.  
If you follow my Redefining Healthy and Memoirs of a Fat Girl posts then you know that my struggle with body acceptance hasn’t been easy.  It is only recently that I’ve been able to harness my own sexiness, to see that my imperfections are my perfection and that they are what make me unique and different.  I remember when I was younger allowing a makeup artist to cover up my freckles. To them it was a flaw, something that needed to be covered.  Now I see my freckles in a completely different light.  You see, all of the women in my family have freckles; it’s part of the legacy my grandmother and her mother left us. It is not an imperfection, but a part of who I am; now I wear my freckles with pride. They are a part me and my sexiness. 
That is the strength behind the #ImNoAngel campaign.  It is succeeding in opening up the dialogue and empowering women to define their own sexiness.  A sexiness that is not defined by others around you, by society, or by social media.  It is a version of sexy that varies from woman to woman and can only be defined by her because she owns it!   
To the people who say that this isn’t enough, you are absolutely right!  This isn’t enough!  If we want a better world for our sons and daughters, we need to work harder at changing it.  So I challenge you as mothers, daughter, fathers, uncles, I challenge all of the plus size and straight size retailers, I challenge Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I challenge our society to continue the dialogue and push for change and a world of inclusiveness and true diversity. 
What are your thoughts on the #ImNoAngel campaign?
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