Meet my new boyfriend



Today I want to introduce you to my new boyfriend.   I must say, he is truly amazing.  I feel so comfortable when I’m with him, so secure in myself and ultra sexy.  OK, now that I have you all fired up, let me burst the bubble and tell you that the boyfriend I am referring to are my new boyfriend jeans.  Bad joke, I know! 



Now yes, typically I don’t discuss casual wear on the blog, but I strongly felt that I had to share this challenge with you.  Boyfriend jeans have plagued me for a while.  Normally, I will give any trend a try.  Hey, why not?  You may end up loving it.  However, somehow I convinced myself that boyfriend jeans were not for my shape.  I carry a lot of my weight in my legs and backside and typically finding regular jeans that fit is a challenge.  Now, I needed to find ones that had EXTRA room in the leg area in order to achieve that much desire baggy look. Well that just seemed impossible!  But as much the task seemed insurmountable, I couldn’t stop drooling over the uber cute looks that incorporate boyfriend jeans.  From pairing them with heels and a t-shirt to sandals a pretty blouse, boyfriend jeans were pulling at my fashionista heartstrings.  So instead of letting this challenge defeat me, I set out in a journey to find the right pair of boyfriend jeans to fit my curvy shape.  And guess what?  I found them! 
So what’s the point of today’s post?  That I’m in love with my new boyfriend jeans?  Well, yes but, no that’s not the point.  I hope that by venturing out and trying something new, I’ve encouraged you to do the same.  The reality is that the fear is in our minds.  The world doesn’t end if you wear something that others might not love.  The fitting room will not implode if you try on something that is traditionally considered a faux pas for plus size women.  Life is short ladies!  Get out there and dare to be bold. 

Now regarding the jeans; my incredible new boyfriend came from Forever 21.  I went true to size even though they felt big and every bone in my body told me to size down. They are super soft and since I planned on wearing them rolled up, length wasn’t an issue.
IMG_3955.JPGJeans: Forever 21
Top: Lane Bryant (coming soon)
Coat: Simply Be
Shoes: Zara (similar)
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