5 Tips for Comfortable Workwear

Recently, a young woman came up to me with a certain dilemma. She was starting a new job and didn’t know what to wear and how to dress comfortably for it. She referred to suits as being stuffy and restricting. She said that she hated heels and worked herself into a frenzy about the amount of money she needed to spend on this new wardrobe. So today’s post is dedicated to that young woman and the many other women that feel the same style anxiety surrounding work wear. Here are a few simple tricks and ideas to get you started with a comfortable look that you can wear not only at work, but also on the weekend.


  1. Know your company’s dress code: Yes, I mention this in almost every work wear post because it is your most important step. Before your first day at work, ask Human Resources to go over the dress code. This is your work wear road map.
  2. Soft fabrics will change your life: First, you need to learn what fabrics you like and don’t like. The best way to do this is honestly by hitting a large store (Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lane Bryant, etc) and just touching and feeling the different garments. See what draws your attention and comforts you. Also, learn the maintenance level of the different fabrics. The last thing you want is a dry clean only wardrobe that will require regular maintenance and more $$ out of your wallet. You will be surprised with how many work wear appropriate items are made out of washable, wrinkle free materials that are easy to care for and maintain.
  3. Ponte knit pants may become your new BFF: Unless you work at a yoga studio, yoga pants are not work appropriate. However, many retailers are now making ponte knit or other heavy weighted leggings and ankle pants that are perfect for work and extremely comfortable. For more information on wearing leggings to work, please check out this post. I also love harem pants for work; they are like dressy sweat pants, how much more comfortable can you get?
  4. Slip on and go: Dresses can really elevate your style, while still maintaining comfort. Look for non clingy materials and dresses with a flare cut that are easy to wear and don’t require spanx or other restricting foundation garments. Dresses are fun and so easy, just slip on and go, plus many work for the office and for your weekend activities.
  5. Cardigans and blazers will save your life: OK, so I’m being a little overly dramatic here, but cardigans and blazers can really dress up any look. A super simple and comfortable look is a solid (non printed) t-shirt with ankle pants and a blazer. You will look polished and chic without sacrificing comfort. Make sure to stock up on few basic colors and always keep a black blazer at work.


Bonus tip: My final tip is to source what makes you feel confident and comfortable at work. Bring in your unique personality through the items you select to wear and remember style doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or painful.


This is one of my favorite and most comfortable work looks! Blazer, top and pants (similar) via Lane Bryant.

What are your go to comfort pieces?


Disclosure: Items in this look were provided by Lane Bryant.  All opinions expressed are my honest thoughts based on my personal experiences. 

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