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kenSomeone once told me that your hair is your most important accessory and I absolutely agree! From wearing it up in a polished, prom ready up-do to loose in beautiful beach wave curls, having fun with your hair is a benefit us ladies get to enjoy, even if at times we have a love hate or love hate relationship with our luscious mane. Now, typically, I don’t blog about beauty products, but when the people from Ken Paves contacted me I immediately fell in love with his business philosophy that all women should have access to an impeccable selection of high-end and affordable hair-care products that make them feel good about their hair. Yes!

“What I love most about my job is making people feel great. There’s nothing else that makes me feel more than that moment when I allow a woman to realize how beautiful she is and how much she loves herself. It’s all really about honoring her…” – Ken Paves

Initial thoughts: The packaging was simple and sleek. The Volumizing Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner had a strong scent, almost floral and reminiscent of spa like products. I will admit, this made me a little nervous, because for the past few years I’ve only used organic shampoos and conditioners. I instantly became nervous about how the potential of perfumes might affect my hair, but after some further reading I learned that the entire line is made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, neurotoxins, aluminum, glycols or synthetic fragrances and dyes. You know, all the bad stuff that ruins our hair.  And on that note, into the shower I went!

Product in action: So I found that the product didn’t have a lot of suds which is typical of a sulfate free shampoo, so this was comforting. The scent, while strong initially, truly transformed the shower into a relaxing oasis. 
Post shower and blow dry: Out of the shower I used the Repair & Nourish Shine Serum and the Volumizing Whip. After blow drying my hair I was pleasantly surprised by the shine and volume the products left. My hair actually felt thicker then usual. Woohoo! 
Final thoughts: The Ken Paves line is an excellent salon quality option for any hair diva. Available exclusively at Walmart and at an affordable price point, these products are a definite thumbs up from me. Plus, I love the idea of supporting a line that believes all woman deserve to feel beautiful! 
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