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I recently attended a fit event for Fashion to Figure new denim collection. Now, truth be told, jeans and I have a love – hate relationship. You see, I have a triple whammy situation going on here; I’m short, I’m very ample in the butt area and I have a smaller waistline. All of these attributes typically mean jeans are either too long, too tight or tend to slide down throughout the day. Now a few months back I spoke about my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, but the poor things have been getting a beating this season and as the fall crisp air sweeps in I welcomed the idea of trying to find a few additional denim options for the colder months.

And that folks is where Fashion to Figure came in! Now, I will say that I was extremely skeptical about this new denim line when I first heard about it. Finding a great fitting, quality pair of jeans at the $40 price point was unheard of in my book! That’s exactly what Michael Kaplan, co-founder and CEO of Fashion to Figure and I chatted about. He shared his vision for this collection and the love, research and work they invested in creating a superior quality product. He shared that their goal was that a woman could walk into their store (or online) and feel confident in her denim sizing because if she was an 18, she would be an 18 in each and every denim style they carry. Yes, you heard right! 18 in skinny, 18 in boyfriend, 18 in bootcut, etc. Hmm, you know I had my brow raised for that one, but ladies you will soon read how I learned the hard way that this, in fact, was true.

Anyway, my first pair to try on and my all time favorite was the jegging. I love that they are soft while still being structured and the fit is perfect. These are definitely the jeans I grab when I want to feel comfortable but still look pulled together.

Next came the skinny jean and wow baby, talk about sexiness! These jeans hug and lift all the right places and have quickly become my new date night jeans!! Now the fit is a little long on these but my taller ladies will appreciate the extra length. Check out my Instagram to see how I styled these.

IMG_6935Top (sold out), Denim, Handbag (sold out), Jacket c/o Fashion to Figure

Last up came the boyfriend jean, featured in today’s look. Now, remember my point earlier about sticking to the same size throughout the entire denim collection? Well, I should have listened to the experts. Instead of sticking to my size 18 I opted for a larger size 20. I wanted the jeans to fit a little looser throughout the leg line and so I thought sizing up would help. Well, I was so wrong!! The size 20 was too big and instead of looking like a cute sexy pair of boyfriend jeans, I looked like I time traveled to the 80’s and put on one of my old unstructured, unflattering and unappealing pair of jean. Lesson learned? Yes, stick to your size.  So there you have it, ladies! If you are looking for a beautifully made, well-constructed pair of jeans at an affordable price point, I strongly recommend these bad boys from Fashion to Figure.


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