Cucumber Citrus Margarita with Nutri Ninja® Auto-iQ™ Compact System


A little over a year ago I moved into my new home and with that came the urge, and sometimes need, to buy every kitchen gadget under the sun. It was almost like having them would solidify my Martha Stewart status among my family and friends. So one late night as I flipped through the hundreds of channels generously offered by my cable provider (can you hear the sarcasm) I fell upon an infomercial for the Ninja blender. Can I just say I was completely blown away?! This little machine did everything!!! I quickly ran to my credit card, placed my order and within a few days had my wonder machine. Over the course of that year, the blender replaced many of my kitchen gadgets and quickly became the one machine to hold a constant place on my kitchen counter.


So now you can probably understand my excitement when last month I received a package from Ninja featuring their new Nutri Ninja® Auto-iQ™ Compact System. A smaller and more compact version of my bad boy, but with all the same power, bells, and whistles.

Nutri Ninja® Auto-iQ Compact System now includes Smooth Boost Technology, allowing you to truly customize your drink-making experience whether you’re using Nutrient Extraction* or High Performance Blending. Now you can choose whether you want deliciously drinkable nutrient juices or whip up an ultra-creamy frozen smoothie all at the touch of a button. With Nutri Ninja® Auto-IQ with Smooth Boost you can see, feel, and taste the difference.

This compact system includes a 40 oz. Blend & Prep Bowl for added functionality to create healthy meals and drinks with ease. The precision processing offers even chopping, smooth purees, and perfect dough consistencies.

Nutri Ninja® Auto-iQ Compact System includes a double-walled stainless steel cup that keeps your favorite frozen smoothies colder for up to 4 hours. Regular and Jumbo Multi Serve Tritan Nutri Ninja® Cups with Sip & Seal® Lids allow you to make delicious smoothies to take on the go.

This past weekend I decided to try out my new machine by making a special cocktail for friends. As I looked through the recipe book provided, my eyes gravitated to their Cucumber Citrus Margarita – oh baby! The drink was delicious and refreshing and yes, so easy to make.


Retailing at $119.85 I strongly recommend Nutri Ninja® Auto-iQ Compact System as a perfect introduction to the Ninja product line.

Below are a few pictures of the machine and my margarita night with friends.


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