Wild for Lord & Taylor and MODAMIX


A few weeks back a few of my blogger babes and I stopped by the Lord & Taylor flag ship store in NYC to check out the new MODAMIX collection, in addition to the store’s new contemporary plus size section. First off, my hat goes off to Lord & Taylor! For once we were not placed in a dark little corner or relegated to just a few racks of bland, dark and boring clothing. Instead, we stood proud and center in a plus size section full of innovative, cutting edge brands like Harper & Liv, Addition Elle, JUNAROSE and of course MODAMIX. Now if you haven’t heard of these brands, and you have an L&T near you, then I strongly recommend you check it out. These represent the new wave of plus size fashion. High quality garments, designed with the modern curvy woman in mind. Needless to say I was like a kid in a candy store. After checking out a few of my favorite brands, I drew my attention to the section for MODAMIX. As you guys may already know I am a huge Moda fan! Their pieces are beautiful and classic, sassy and girly, and sophisticated and edgy all at the same time. I love their incredible ability to remain on the pulse of what the modern plus size woman wants and needs. A lot of that happens via their interaction and communication with the plus size community. If you’ve been to a MODAMIX event then you’ve probably run into Sam and Ellice.


Any who, on to the fashion pieces! So, there were a few things I immediately knew I wanted to check out. First up was the Mori Asymmetrical Jacket in cobalt blue. Ladies, do not put off getting this coat!! As soon as I put it on I feel like a rock star. Something about the way it’s cut and the color that truly commands attention. Both the 16 and 18 work well for me, it will all depend on if you want extra room for layers.


Next up came the Jordyn Faux Leather Moto Vest. Can I tell you this is the softest thing I’ve ever tried on in my life? I mean, that right there was enough to get my money, but aside from that, the vest was warm and cut beautifully. I also loved that I didn’t feel boxy in it as some fur vests can feel overwhelming to me.

Last, but not least, are these amazing Caitlyn Faux Leather Culotte Pants. Let’s just say these are SEXY!!!! Aside from that I love that the pants are designed for a curvy woman with ample space through the leg and the behind.

So ladies, if you’ve been wanting to try out MODAMIX or any of the new brands now at Lord & Taylor, I strongly encourage you to stop by a store or check them out online. In addition, the look in today’s post (top sold-out, Bryn Printed Scuba Skirt) is also MODAMIX and is available online.

What new brands have you been wanting to try?

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