Your Own Personal Stylist with Dia&Co.


As many of you know I am not a huge fan of online shopping. I truly love walking into a store, sorting through the racks and touching and feeling the items I am about to purchase. Unfortunately, because of the combination of a limited number of plus size brick and mortar stores and my crazy work schedule, I am often left with shopping online as my only option. That was until I learned about Dia&Co.

Dia&Co. is an online personal styling service for plus size women (sizes 14-32). So you know, the service that used to only be available to celebrities and the very wealthy, well, Dia&Co. has now made it available to the everyday woman. Yay! So curious about their services I decided to give Dia&Co. a shot.


First, I took their online survey which included a slew of questions regarding my style, personal preferences, my current fashions musts, and the items that make me feel like me. Next, I got a call from my stylist – oh I do love the sound of that. With my stylist, I reviewed several of the items from my survey but was also able to go into depth regarding what I was hoping to get from Dia&Co. and some of the new trends I was looking to try. We chatted for about 10 minutes and not long after, I received an email that my box was on its way.  Now before your box is shipped, Dia&Co. will charge a $20 styling fee, but if you decide to purchase anything from that box, the fee is credited to your purchase. Win-win right?!


Anyway, back to my box! I was so excited to receive my package and unveil all of the goodies Dia&Co. had sent over. My box included 5 pieces; two beautiful dresses, a great top, an amazing faux leather vest and the gorgeous tulle skirt featured in this post. Sizing was perfect on all items except for one, which was a shocker because sizing is my biggest struggle with online shopping. I also loved that my package included brands that I had never tried before. That was actually one of my requests, I wanted to take this opportunity to experiment with online brands that were not familiar to me. After I was done deciding what I was keeping and what I was sending back, I proceeded to their “check out” process.  To check-out I logged into my online profile, rated my items, then Dia&Co. charged my credit card on file for the items I decided to keep, minus the styling fee. Next, I returned my unwanted items using their prepaid label.


Seems easy, right? It really was. So if you are apprehensive about online shopping or are just looking to give your wardrobe a boost, I strongly recommend you give Dia&Co. a shot.

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