Redefining Healthy: Honoring your spirit


In 2014, I launched the concept of Redefining Healthy – the notion that true internal health and wellbeing comes from a deeper place than just exercising and being active. With the personal mission of wanting to get back on track with my own health goals, I’ve decided to dedicate a section of the blog to posts, periscope sessions and workshops all focused on the 5 pillars that I believe make up a healthy state: Food, Activity, Self Love, Beauty and Fashion.


This weekend, I traveled to Houston for a very special trip. Aside from meeting up with some amazing plus size ladies (which I will talk more about next week), I also decided to carve out some time to just take care of myself, my spirit and free my mind. For two days, I slept, drank tea, laughed loudly, meditated and laid out under the sun.


Now for a speedy Gonzalez like me, these are not easy tasks to accomplish. At first I struggled with the idea of “wasting” my time by not doing things that I thought I should be doing. As a first timer in Houston, shouldn’t I be out and about, sightseeing and taking in the city?

The reality was that my recent bout with bronchitis reminded me that I’m only human and that I need to honor myself. I can do that by NOT filling up my schedule with a million and one “to-do’s” but by carving out time to just enjoy being.


So with that in mind, I did just that. I decided to just own my free time by doing absolutely nothing! Not sure where to start with honoring your spirit? Here are a few things I did in my two days of nothingness:

  1. I slept in and took naps! How often do we push our bodies to run on empty? I’ve been there many times and it normally takes me getting sick or injured to realize that I need rest. Well, not this time. I decided to listen to my body. If it was sleepy, I slept. It was that simple.
  2. I ate well. I don’t mean Chinese buffet style. I mean, I nourished my body with food I knew it needed. Lots of fruits and veggies and yes, some super yummy “not so healthy” food as well. I made sure to sit down and eat when I was hungry and not just grab fast food on the go. I also drank lots and lots of fluids. I wanted to rehydrate my body. And tea and water were number one on my list.
  3. I did things I love to do. I played with the dog, laughed with friends, shopped my favorite stores and hit the movies for a sappy girlie movie. Yes, I fed my soul of things that make me happy and it felt amazing!
  4. I enjoyed the silence. Whether it was a walk in the park, time on the hammock or just siting out in the sun, I enjoyed not needing to say anything or listen to anyone. The quietness of leaving the city was calming and I let my mind clear itself of all its crazy chatter.


I left Houston relaxed and with a clear mind. Those two days reenergized my spirit and rebooted my soul.

A special thank you goes out to Sahar Paz and her amazing family for hosting me this weekend. Also make sure to check out Sahar’s amazing book Find Your Voice.

Stay tuned to next week’s Redefining Healthy post focused on being active and avoiding burnout.

How are you honoring your spirit this week?

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