The Struggle of Tucking In and Loving a Pudgy Belly


I don't know about you but I seriously struggle with tucking in my shirts. I'm not sure if it's because I have a higher waistline or maybe it is because I am still not 100% accepting of my pudgy belly. Whatever it is, it isn't something I do often.  So as a personal challenge to myself this week I decided to style a tucked-in look.



Now, I will admit, at first I hated everything about these pictures!  All I could focus on was my midsection. I seriously debated on whether or not to seriously post them.


But then after a few days I returned to the pictures and really started to love them. Yea, my belly was still there but, hey, I still looked cute.


So for all of my ladies who struggle with tucking in their tops and showing off their bellies, this one is for you. 


Top – Pants (similar, similar, similar) – Shoes (similar, similar, similar) – Bag

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