The Perfect Moto Dress

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If you checked out my newly launched YouTube video from Monday then you might have recognize this dress from my top picks. Yes, the Vega Moto Dress from Fashion to Figure was a double thumbs up in my book for a few simple reasons; it was a great color, it was an excellent cut and it was sexy but not too over the top.


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First lets talk about the color. A beautiful off-white almost bone color will easily work in the spring through the fall season. Plus it's a color that works on almost everyone. Whether you are all bronzed from the beach or lacking a little color from a long winter, this color will work.

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Second was the cut of the dress. At first I questioned the functionality of the dress in my life but those thoughts quickly faded once I tried the dress on. Wow, I felt amazing! I didn't wear any shape wear and I still felt covered and pulled together. It's a heavier weighted fabric, so it's going to work perfectly during these transition months.

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Last was its sex appeal. Now the dress is definitely a little sexy with a deep neckline and front slit but I never felt too exposed. The heavier fabric helps with making sure the dress doesn't shift and expose something that it's not suppose to.

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Bag: Fashion to Figure; Shoes:

Ladies, trust me, this is a dress you want to have in your closet. Fashion to Figure tends to sell out quickly of hot items so I recommend you don't wait too long. Happy shopping!


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