An Alternate to the Tucked in Look


As you already know from one of my previous post, The Struggle of Tucking In and Loving a Pudgy Belly, one of my biggest personal challenge is the tucked in look. There is something about it that just leaves me feeling exposed and on display.


Now, yes, I'm working on getting over that fear but in the meantime one trick that I've being doing is pairing a tucked in look with a blazer or long lined vest. The addition of such a piece does wonders for breaking up the solidness of a tucked in look while giving me a little more coverage.


Plus, I'm short and a long lined vest does wonders for elongating my look.


So ladies, instead of dismissing a trend that might be a little outside of your comfort zone, look for ways to make the look work for you and your ascetics.


Pant & Shirt:; Bag: Kate Spade (similar – high, similar – low); Shoes (similar – high, similar – low); Vest (similar)

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