A Plus Size France: Provence, Pont du Gard, Nimes


Every once in a while you throw caution to the wind and make an impulse buy. Well yes, that was me in January when I booked two flights to Nice, France.  Fast forward to last month and finally the vacation we so desperately needed arrived and even though it took us almost 24 hours to get to out final destination (a true tail of trains, planes and automobiles) we made it and the journey was worth every minute!  Over the next few posts I will share with you an inside look into my travels, tips on what I packed, the travel resources I used and or course what I wore. I hope you enjoy this inside look into the South of France and the French Riviera. 


So we decided to divide our trip into two main cities; Avignon in order to explore the South of France and Nice for the French Riviera. First up was Provence! Knowing that late mornings would be the norm for us until we adjusted to the jetlag we decided to rent a car and start our journey in the calm and relaxing countryside.


Let me just tell you that I absolutely fell in love with Provence! From the cute quaint towns to the sprawling vineyards, Provence is magical! I also loved that it was easy to travel, and driving was not an issue, roads were well marked and there was not a lot traffic.


Anyway, we started with a visit to the ancient Roman aqueduct the Pont du Gard. If you visit here on a warm day make sure to bring your swimsuit. Many people gather at the base for a swim in the Gardon River. They even offer kayaking! This is a sweet spot for a lunchtime picnic or just a little sunbathing. 


Next up was the town of Nimes. By the time we arrived in Nimes, our beautiful, sunny day had morphed into cloudy, rainy and chilly. We grabbed a sweater and an umbrella and off to the streets we went to explore. I quickly learned that wearing layers was key in Provence.


Nimes is such a cute town with fun shopping and great restaurants. Make sure to park your car in one of the city lots before you step out and explore. 


Top; Pants (similar, similar, similar); Shoes; Sweater (similar, similar, similar)

So with that day 1 was over. I will say that my Rick Steve's travel guide stood by my side throughout the entire day and definitely came in handy as we made our way around. I made sure I had shoes I could walk in because even though we rented a car there still was A LOT of walking.  These bad boys from fullbeauty.com were definitely by "go to" throughout the trip.  In terms of clothing capri jeans with good stretch helped me feel comfortable, sleek and pulled together.  When I packing for a big walking trip I definitely choose comfort over everything else. I avoid items, especially shoes, that I've never worn before. Also, I try everything on before I pack. You will be surprised with what still works and what doesn't.


Well ladies, check back tomorrow for Day 2 of Provence and more travel tips.




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