A Plus Size France: Nice, Monte Carlo, Cannes


Hey ladies, welcome back! Today we traveled to the French Riviera and made Nice our home base for part two of our trip.  I immediately felt at home in Nice. A great bustling city, Nice was easy to travel within with diverse transportation options such as buses, trains and taxis. We easily jumped on the bus to our AirBnB where we settled in for the night with wine and a home cooked meal – courtesy of my loving babe. I will follow-up in a few weeks with a full post regarding my AirBnB experience but one of the definite perks is having a kitchen and being able to stock it with all of our favorite goodies. It sure was great to lay back and just enjoy the view and the quiet evening. 


The next morning we woke up early, finally no more jetlag, and set out for a full day tour of the French Riviera. I will say if your budget can afford it definitely go the route of a guided tour. Our group was small, just us and one other couple so it was almost like a private tour. Score! We found the tour guide at the local tourism office where we picked up several pamphlets and also a coupon for our tour.  We verified reviews online and called to confirm our reservation. The last thing I wanted was to wait all day for a bus to come that had never been secured. 


Anyway, the tour covered the most popular towns in the French Riviera. Going with a local guide was the best, saved us a lot of time and let us to doze off on the ride between cities.  The French Riviera was so different to Provence. It was luxurious, busy, and tourist filled. Yes, we weren't in Kansas anymore Toto. Traffic was in abundance and bumping into crowds of people was the norm.  Even with all of the bustle of the city I still loved Nice. I mean look at this view! We sat most of the evening by the waterfront just looking at the gorgeousness in front of us. 


Ok guys now you know with such an amazing backdrop I could not pass up the opportunity for a few blog pics so in true blogger form we took a few minutes to have some fun behind the camera. Hope you enjoy these pictures and this super casual look perfect for sightseeing and city exploring. 








Top (similar), Jacket (similar, similar, similar), Shorts (similar, similar, similar), Sandals

So ladies, thank you for following me around France. I am still working on a few follow-up posts that I will be sharing with you next week.  

In summary, France was amazing. The people were super welcoming and we truly had a blast. Will we be back? Absolutely! 





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