Why I am No Longer Apologizing for Wearing a Swimsuit


Happy Wednesday ladies! I must admit that I've been a little blue this week. Aside from being sick for the second time this month I am also bummed to see this summer officially end. No more BBQ's', trips to local amusement parks and even worse, no more beach and pool time. πŸ™


If you guys haven't noticed, I love the beach and this summer I've dedicated several of my posts to beachwear fashion. I will say this is a big change from last year. I still remember my first swim post where I cropped my cellulite filled legs out of my pictures. The reality is that idea of "baring" it all was just too much for me and while I had no problem strutting my stuff at the beach in the same suit, it was putting myself online for the "world" to see and that freaked me out.


So last year I came up with a little swimsuit survival guide, not only for my readers but also for myself.   When I started working on my first swimsuit post this year and I started to feel the butterflies kick in I decided to pull it out and honestly, I've kept it out the whole season. So with that, as we all celebrate in the last days of summer I've decided to copy in an excerpt from that post to help inspire and encourage you to stop apologizing for that glorious body you carry, pull out that swimsuit that makes you smile and run through the sand in full glory.


  1. Take a good long look at yourself naked. Um, yes, remove the Spanx, the bra, take it all off! While you stare at your reflection, take note of what you see. Look past the so called imperfections; look past the baby scars and dimples. Look at the strong, beautiful woman that you are. Smile. Go head now, just smile. Let the light from your window shine on your face. Now, instead of highlighting what is wrong with your body, identify what you love about your body. Maybe it’s your toned calves from your dancing days, your round backside that you can thank your mom for, or maybe it is the baby scar that reminds you how blessed you are. Feeling good about yourself only comes from working on the demons that we all battle with. You can beat yourself down, tear yourself apart but none of that will change your situation. So go ahead, strip down to your birthday suit, you might be surprised by what you see.
  2. Pick out a swimsuit that you love and feel confident in. That might be a one piece, a tankini or even a bikini. Again, look for a suit that shows off the parts of yourself that you love the most. If you love your cleavage, maybe opt for something with a plunging neckline. If you have a great stomach you want to show off, maybe pick a suit with cutouts or a super sexy bikini. This journey is about you so don’t be swayed by what anyone says you should or must wear.
  3. Pamper yourself! Now most women, when they are prepping for a big date, spend a considerable amount of time honoring their beautiful bodies. Whether it’s a long shower, a massaging body scrub, that super rich body cream that costs more than you care to admit or that sultry perfume that makes you feel like a queen. You know that feeling right ladies? Well that is your step 3. Take time to honor your beautiful body and pamper it. Putting on a swimsuit is not a death sentence. Have fun with lotions and gels that get you into that beach vibe. Trust me a little body TLC will go a long way.
  4. Pull out all the stops. Yes Doll, now that you have your amazing swimsuit, you have embraced those gorgeous curves, now it’s time to play dress up. Getting dolled up for some woman can add even more unwanted stress, so I am going to say that in this department, do as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Now, if you are thinking that the idea of getting all primped up for the beach is silly, well then yes you are right, the idea is silly. However, for most woman, their biggest fear has nothing to do with the beach portion itself but more so with the dreaded walk into the water. You know those few yards that all of sudden turn into miles and you feel like all eyes are on you. Yup, that walk! So go ahead, grab a few accessories, swipe on some lip gloss and throw on that gorgeous sarong. Channel your best Tyra Banks and make your way out. Trust me, if people are looking at you, it’s because you look so darn fabulous!!
  5. Last but not least, have fun. People will always talk, judge, and stare, but that is not your problem, that is theirs. Let them feed their own insecurities with hate, because you are working on something greater. You are showing the world that beach bodies come in all shapes and sizes, that beauty is not just a size small and that life’s moments can’t be missed due to fear. Yes, my dear, you are doing that. Own it, love it and celebrate it.


About my swimsuit: As soon as the E&C x Rebdolls 2016 Swim Collection dropped last month I was a huge fan and knew I needed to have a piece.  The collaboration between the beautiful plus fashion bloggers Essie Golden, Chante’ Burkett, and Rebdolls 10-piece pieces that are fun, flirty and sexy.  What I love the most about the collection is Essie and Chante’ motto that women should not have to be apologetic about their bodies, especially their swim bodies and can look completely “kick ass” while at the beach.  

A special thank you to Lizza of www.fabulizza.com for the amazing photos. 



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  • Bettye Rainwater
    August 31, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    YOU are a beautiful human being, inside and out. This is a GREAT post. Thanks for sharing.


    • darlenelebron@yahoo.com
      October 4, 2016 at 10:30 pm

      Thank you so much for all of your support. You words mean so much!