My Redefining Healthy Story – Kristen O’Neil


Our society assumes that "healthy" means one thing.  #iamredefininghealthy is proving them wrong! Last month I asked you to submit your stories about how you are redefining healthy and boy did you answer. Stories of bad a$$ women filed my inbox and I am so excited to share a few of those stories with you. So each month I will feature a new Redefining Healthy Ambassador and share with you how they are redefining healthy.  First up is the beautiful Kristen O'Neil.



Since the age of 5 I have been a competitive dancer in ballet and lyrical.  I have always been heavy but it never detoured me from dancing and living a healthy life.  I still dance to this day and I eat a clean diet and yet am still over weight in the eyes of other people. I also go to a boot camp class everyday. I am definitely redefining healthy because to look at me you don't see a dancer, you don't see someone that eats clean and you don't see someone who goes to the gym and is strong but I AM! I am redefining healthy!


So what do you think ladies? In my book Kristen is a rock star! Ready to share your story and win a chance to be featured as next month's Redefining Healthy Ambassador?  

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