Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are here and in two weeks my house will be once again full of family, friends and little kiddies running around and sneaking a peak under the tree. While I will admit, I am one of those crazy people who starts Christmas planning early, I know a few of you are still getting over the turkey coma of the Thanksgiving holiday. Well for all of my late bloomers, fear not, I have you covered with my must have ideas for getting your house ready for Christmas. 

Maximize time with one stop shopping

Ever since I can remember, my family and I have had the tradition of gathering on the Friday before Thanksgiving to decorate our Christmas tree. As adults, my brother and I have continued the same tradition and this year was no different. It really helped to shop for all of our holiday decor in one location because I was able to stay true and consistent with my theme and make the most of our time by shopping from the comfort of our home.  

Top (similar); Jeans (similar); Boots

So with that in mind I went over to's Home section and picked up a few Ornaments, a beautiful Christmas Swag to accent my buffet server, which by the way was cordless and battery powered so no need to fiddle with additional cords and wires, a few super cute accessories to add sparkle to my home including my favorite twinkle branches, these super cute holiday spheres, and of course it wouldn't be Christmas without a nutcracker.  Whether, you have a small or large home, you can always look for ways to inject holiday cheer and the great thing about shopping closer to Christmas is that the deals seem to just get better and better. You see, there is a plus side to procrastinating. 

Make it personal

With family and friends filling your home, the holidays are a perfect time to personalize your home with special accents and photos that celebrate the ascetic and essence of your loved ones. So as part of our Redefining a Healthy Home project an important step for us was to truly make our home a reflection of us. We started by purchasing the following artwork for our bedroom. The colors and image fit us perfectly and I knew it was something we could build off of.

Artwork (similar)

Next we went on a hunt for accent pieces. At a small boutique in Vermont I found these super cute blue birds and our "love" sign was pickup at a local discount furniture store right in our neighborhood.

Blue Birds (similar)

"love" Wall Art (similar)

Next came pictures. To save my freshly painted walls from the disaster of me hammering holes into them, I decided to used the VELCRO Brand HANGables to mount my frames.  I love these things. They are so easy to use and come in tons of different sizes. They are perfect for hanging pretty much everything and they won't ruin your paint once you remove them.  I also used the VELCRO Brand Holiday Ties and Holiday Wrap as a quick way to jazz up my candles throughout the house. I just wrapped these guys around a few pillar candles and "tada" candle makeover complete! Yes, that is probably the extent of my DIY skills.

Kid proof your living spaces

So this year we went from leather furniture to fabric and I will admit I was a little nervous about having the kiddies over and possibly spilling everything and anything you can imagine on my brand new seating. So yes, looking for ways to protect my new babies was a must. Off I went to order three slipcovers, one for my loveseat in a gorgeous grey that matched my actual loveseat, one for my recliner that has quickly become the go to spot for my pup Anakin, and one for my antique chair which I refuse to get rid of and was so excited to refresh with a gorgeous navy color slipcover. I don't know about you but I think little Bubba approves. 


Don't forget the outdoors

Curb appeal is everything so don't forget to add a little splash to the outside of your home. Whether it is a gorgeous door swag or a large outdoor display, adding Christmas cheer to the outside of your home is so important and will bring a smile to your face and the face of your neighbors. 

Refresh the tools

Last but not least, now that the decor is handled it is time to start prepping that yummy holiday meal. Before you get started make sure you have all the tools necessary to get the job done. So to help you get started below are a few things you might want to refresh before getting started on that amazing meal. 
So ladies, are you all set with your holiday makeovers? I can't wait to see your Christmas home transformations. Make sure to hashtag #redefiningahealthyhome for a chance to be featured on an upcoming post. Happy decorating! 






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