Breaking the Fashion Rules

Every season the "fashion experts" release a list of do's and don'ts. You know what I mean, no white after labor day, plus size women shouldn't wear stripes and short women shouldn't wear culottes.

Top; Jeans (similar); Heels
 Wearing a 2x in the top and a size 18 in the jeans.

Well, for this post I wanted to push past those rules and just have fun with fashion. So many times we let these fashion rules stop us from experimenting with fun trends.  I hear it all the time from women who feel they can't wear certain items because they aren't tall enough, slim enough, curvy enough, etc.

Top; Jeans (similar); Heels

Ladies, fashion is an artistic form of expression. Have fun with it! Don't let others control what you pull from your closet!

What's your favorite fashion rule to break?

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