Yes I Am Big, Bold and Beautiful!

Nowadays people make an initial assumption of who you are based on how you look.  Whether it's what you are wearing, the color of your skin or the size of your waist line, it feels like we are always on display.  

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As a Latina woman, sometimes I feel like boldness is in my nature. From my love for bright colors to my loud laugh and my exaggerated gummy smile – I have come to terms with the fact that I am a big, bold and beautiful.  

Pants; Top (on sale!); Shoes

For many years, I will admit I was ashamed of my "loudness". My size did enough to call attention so I certainly was not looking to call any additional attention with my clothing.  My goal was to hide and go unnoticed as I know many other plus size women do. It was only later in life that I came to terms with the woman inside of me and my authentic voice. I learned that "loudness" was not a curse and that I was a much happier person being the big, bold and beautiful woman that I was meant to be.

So ladies, the next time you think about hiding in the shadows remember that you only have one life to live – why not live it as loud and bold as possible.

Pants; Top (on sale!); Shoes

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