10 Gorgeous Plus Size Looks for Weddings, Graduations and Beyond

Ladies, the season is here and you know what I mean. That time of the year where the wedding, bridal shower, baby shower and graduation invites start rolling in. Since it seems that from early May through late September I am always on a hunt for a cute dress to wear, this year I decided to pulled together a list of dresses that I am loving and that are perfect for all of the above and beyond.  

Ok, now that we've done a little shopping it's time to talk about how to pick out that perfect look.  Dressing for that perfect event can be a little stressfull.  From if you will be too over dressed or under, will you be comfortable and of course will you find the right look that will fit well.  

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Part of picking the perfect look is planning. Unfortunately, as plus size women most of our shopping options are online so make sure you give yourself enough time not only to order and receive your look but also to return or reorder if sizing or the look doesn't work for you.

Images by Lydia Hudgens via Dia & Co.

Time of day.  Typically the time of your event will help dictate the attire. A flower sun dress works perfect for a brunch event, while a cocktail dress is a staple for an afternoon function. When in doubt check in with your host. 

Take your location in consideration. Beach and garden weddings tend to be a little more casual then events held at indoor locations such as a vintage hotel or restored castle. 

Ok ladies, there you have it. Hopefully todays quick tips will help you prep for your next event. What is your "go to" wedding look?


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