Plus Size Women Can Wear Prints Too!

I find it crazy how much my fashion sense has evolved over the past few years. I remember back to my twenties when my go to was black and maybe the occasional pop of color. I was a young professional working in corporate America and that meant my uniform was pretty much black and grey. Partner that up with whatever need I had to look slimmer and dilute my "latinoness" and you had the perfect combination of boring and uninspired fashion.  Clothing was a tool to hide and blend in. Ironically at that time I wasn’t even plus size. I was just a size 10 girl trying to fit into a size 2 society. 

Skirt; Top; Blazer; Shoes; Necklace; Bag

Fast track to present day and man has my view on fashion changed. We are not limited to dark clothing and antiquated patterns.  We have options and amazing stores that offer us the freedom to express who we are. Which is why I am so excited to be partnering up with an amazing brand for today's post.  ModCloth is truly committed to helping women express their own personal style. Their pieces are as unique and individual as their customers and they offer a fun and friendly online destination to shop and celebrate body positivity and inclusivity.  They believe that fashion is for every body and that is clearly seen in their extensive size range – hello XXS-4XL! I love that their style gallery features images of real women (like me) and if you are still stuck on what to order they even offer and in-house stylist who can definitely help you sort things out.

Personally, I've been a big fan of ModCloth for years. I mean where else was I going to find a pencil print flared skirt with pockets?  Their clothing can be styled vintage, classic, trendy or edgy, which I love because it gives me lots of options while shopping. 

For today's styling I wanted to pull together a transition look. Fall is around the corner, which means sweaters, blazers and jackets. With that in mind I decided to pair this super cute must have skirt with a gorgeous polka dot blazer.  Honestly, the skirt was so amazing that I really wanted to pair it with a print that would make it pop even more. Yes, this is a statement look so get ready for the compliments ladies. Lastly, I slipped a lightweight blouse under the blazer because its New York and it can be 90 degrees one day and 50 the next.  I also paired it with these cute peep toes pumps and finished off the look with this amazing camera clutch. Ladies, this bag has been by my side since I received it so get ready to see it in a lot more pictures. 

In regards to sizing, I used the ModCloth sizing chart to figure out what I needed. I went with a size 2x for everything as I am currently ranging between an 18 and 20.  For my mommy’s to be, the 2x fit great even with my baby bump. Lastly, I love that everything that I received was really great quality.  Everything fit beautifully and felt so soft and comfortable. 

So my lovelies, as you are thinking of what special pieces to get for this fall I strongly encourage you to check out ModCloth.  What are your thoughts on bold prints and patterns?

This was a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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