The Maid of Honor Checklist for the Bride Without a MOH

When bae and I first discussed our wedding plans, we both agreed that we wanted something small, intimate and fuss free. A second wedding for the both of us meant we wanted to just focus on certain meaningful things versus the traditional wedding “must do” items. One of the “things” that we immediately knew we would forgo was the idea of having a bridal party.

At first the idea of not having a bridal party, and in particular not having a best man or maid of honor, seemed a little crazy and yes our family did not approve of it. But as we have moved throughout our wedding planning, having less people involved has made planning easier and definitely simpler. 

So with that in mind we stood by our motto: small, intimate and fuss free.  I started off by consulting the’s The Maid of Honor Duties Checklist You Need to Bookmark ASAP and over the past few months have pulled together my own checklist targeted specifically at the bride without a Maid/Matron of Honor.

Think simple!

Brides are notorious for overdoing everything – trust me I know! My first tip is to come up with a list of “must haves” and a list of “nice to haves”. Keep this list close to you as you shop for a dress, look for a cake designer and search for a venue. I also kept my list of vendors to maximum of three vendors per service.  I used the Vendor Manager to identify vendors, read reviews and also save my top favorites. In my “must have” list I also noted the vendors that were top priority for us. There was no need to spend 20 hours looking up photo booth vendors when that wasn’t important to us. Remember, use your “must haves” list to keep things simple and keep you sane.  

Identify and build your team

Even though you are opting not to have a bridal party it is important to identify who is on your “go to” team. These individuals can be friends, family members, and even co-workers. Keep in mind their strengths and things they like to do.  For example, my blogger bestie was on my dress shopping team, while my crafty friend was on the DIY team. Also, keep in mind friends or family members that you can go to when you are stressed, need a hug, or just need a supportive ear. If no one offers to help, or you still rather not bother anyone, then make sure to look into outsourcing items. Don’t try to do it all! You will not only burn yourself out; you will probably drive your fiancé nuts. So accept help when offered and or simply pay for help – sometimes this is the easier route. 

Think about what bridal activities are important to you and why

People will say that you need a bridal shower or a bachelorette party but honestly that is a personal preference.  What activities you choose to do and how you choose to do them are completely up to you and your fiancé. Bae and I have already decided that we want a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. Our plan is to go out for drinks with a few of our closest friends and call it a day. No weird sex games or embarrassing bridal activities. Traditional? No, but it’s what we want, not what our bridal party feels they must do for us.

Take advantage of available resources

Remember my tip about keeping it simple? Well part of doing that is taking advantage of resources available on the web. is definitely my go to and they have so many amazing ones that I am currently using. I started off by downloading the WeddingWire App.  I am always on the go so I loved having all my planning info on my phone. You ladies already know I love the Vendor Manager but another one on my list is the Budget Tool.   I love that the Budget Tool allows you to track spending, set up payment schedules, and redistribute funds.  This tool has become a must have especially with being engaged to a financial advisor.  Last but not least, I love the Guest List Tool.  The  Guest List Tool iis an easy way to build and track your guest list, in addition to marking off whether or not they sent a gift! We are not quite there yet in our planning, but I’ve used this tool to collect contact details for our guests as we prepare to send out save the date cards. 

When the planning becomes too much, take a break!

Sometimes while wedding planning we feel we must to do everything yesterday and of course that is not the case.  Give yourself time to plan and enjoy the process. The more you try to do everything in one day the more you will hate the process.  Schedule in some time off from wedding planning, wedding shopping, and wedding talking.  Take a weekend off or at least a night off from it all. Trust me your fiancé will thank you for it. Plus, sometimes by taking time off can help you put into prospective what is really important and what is just fluff. 

So ladies, there you have my top tips to surviving your wedding planning without a maid/matron of honor.  While there are many amazing reasons to have a MOH not every bride wishes to have one and I am here to tell you that that is completely OK. This is you and your partner’s special day. Only you decide what is right and what is wrong for your union. 

This was a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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