5 Tips to Leaving the House With a Newborn

These days leaving the house with a newborn feels like a huge production. From the million and one things to pack to the ordeal of getting everyone dressed and ready to go. Plus that doesn’t even count all the accessories needed. Now that my little nugget is a month old I can officially say that I have our outdoor routine set and I’m excited to share some of the things that I’ve learned with other first time moms. 

1. Prep!

Personally, I find it extremely helpful to do a lot of prep work the night before an outing. Since bae is home I can hand off Little Miss Bae to him while I prep. Prepping her diaper bag is super critical because you honestly never know what you will need while out and about and mommy brain will make you forget at least two things. Now instead of a traditional diaper bag I love using a diaper bag insert. This allows me to convert any handbag into a diaper bag versus switching out diaper bags all the time. I particularly love the ToteSavvy because it fits perfectly into my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, it comes in a beautiful matching red color and it has tons of pockets for all of Micaela's goodies. So the night before an outing I not only pull out our clothing, I also prep my ToteSavvy with diapers, wipes, an extra outfit, bibs, a toy and our little medicine baggie. While I love everything that comes with mommy-hood, I really enjoy being able to carry around my own handbag that matches my style and esthetic. 

ToteSavvy Luxe Red

2. Have a Back-up Plan

Now if this is your first outing with baby make sure to set up a baby emergency kit for your car. Again with a baby you never know what may happen. I still remember how a simple weight check appointment at week one with the baby resulted in an overnight hospital stay and of course since I thought we were only going for a quick appointment I packed light and no, I didn’t have an emergency car kit. Yup, first time mom failure. Thank goodness for my mom who brought to the hospital extra supplies for baby and us. Lesson learned, keep a small overnight bag with baby essentials and an extra change of clothing for yourself. Trust me, when baby spits up all over you that extra top will feel amazing! 


3. Plan Your Day

Ok now that all the essentials are packed up it is time to plan your day. Always give yourself more time then you think you will need. Trust me on this one! I’m not talking about an extra 10 minutes. I mean like an extra hour or more. Getting out the house with a newborn can always present some unexpected surprises.  It is also important to plan how long you will be out, will you be driving for a while and if baby or mommy will need a break at some point throughout the day. I find that the more I stay two steps ahead of Micaela's need the less overwhelming it all feels.


4. Know Your Baby

If possible plan your outings based on your baby’s schedule. Micaela is a breeze in the mornings but more needy in the evenings so all of our outings are early in the day.  We also have a somewhat consistent nap schedule now so it is easier to plan things when I know she might be asleep.  


5. Dress Comfortably

Wear clothing that is practical and comfortable. As a nursing mom, wearing clothing that is easy to maneuver in is critical. Which is why I’m a huge fan of Bump It Up Maternity from Yours Clothing. Their collection of nursing tops make looking cute and feeding Micaela in public so much easier.  I love that the clothing is comfortable and stylish plus practical for the mom on the go.  I paired my top with maternity jeans, yes your girl is still wearing her maternity clothing, for an easy stylish look. I added a fun coat and flashy shoes and we were ready to go. 

Top (wearing US 16); Jeans (wearing US 18); Shoes; Coat (similar)


So there you have it ladies. Over the past four weeks my world has changed and I’ve been learning and relearning so many things. Thank you for your love and support and I can’t wait to share more with you about my journey into mommy-land.

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