Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Work Ladies


So by now you've probably received the office memo announcing the annual holiday party. You know, that once a year opportunity to eat, toast and celebrate with your favorite, or not so favorite colleagues.  Well today I want to share with you a few of my favorite holiday gift ideas for those special office ladies in your life.


Still looking for the perfect dress to wear? Well I am in love with this super cute lace dress from


I ordered it in a size 18W which fit perfectly. I paired it with a little sparkly belt for added holiday cheer.  Lastly I grabbed a pair of sassy boots also from and I was ready to go. Don't you love an easy grab and go look?


Dress; Boots; Clutch (similar); Belt (similar)





How not listening to my body almost destroyed me

Last night on Facebook Live I took you on an inside look of what has been been going on in my life, my recent health issues and a few self-care tips and recommendation. For those who missed it below is the recorded broadcast. 

And like I promised in the broadcast, below is the recipe I am using for Golden Milk aka the turmeric tea I drink every morning. There are a few renditions of this recipe on Pinterest and I promise to update you on social media as I try out the different versions of it. 

Golden Milk 

Tip: Some recipes call for vanilla and 1 tsp of coconut oil but I haven't tried it this way yet.  In addition, I use almond milk because I prefer it in taste to coconut milk and depending on my mood, or how I'm feeling that day sometimes I add more or less of the turmeric powder.  

Pour all of the ingredients into a saucepan and boil for a couple minutes. If you are not using powders make sure to blend all of the ingredients in the blender before boiling.  Pour into your favorite "Hey Gorgeous" mug and enjoy all of the anti-inflammatory properties of this yummy tea.

To learn more about autoimmune diseases and AIP approved goodies make sure to follow me on Pinterest.  Below are a few additional recommendations for those suffering or wanting to learn more about this chronic condition.

Recommended Reading


Other Goodies

Note: You should always consult the use of any supplements or change in diet with your doctor. I am not a medical professional and while these are the supplements I use, they might not work for everyone.


Once again, thank you so much for all of your support during this challenging time in my life. A big kiss goes out to you!

5 Steps for Creating a Tranquil Bedroom


Last week I shared with you my vision behind Redefining a Healthy Home; to help women understand how wellness, beauty, fashion and self-love can strengthen their inner core and help them build healthier versions of themselves.  Today, I am excited to share with you my first edition of this new series all focused on creating a tranquil bedroom environment.  

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Redefining a Healthy Home



So you may have noticed that over the past few months I've been a little quieter than normal. The reality is that my life took a turn into a direction that I didn't expect. In August of this year I become sick and unfortunately I am still struggling with my health. My condition has left me tired and weak and pretty homebound. This new change in my life is the inspiration for a new personal project that I am excited to share with you.

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7 Must Have Looks for this Holiday Season


Top; Skirt

The holiday season is here!

Ok, ok, I know I am a little early and that for most people the holidays don't officially begin until after Thanksgiving but for me this is the first year in a long time where I have my whole family together and well that means I am itching to get this show on the road. I will admit that for the past few days, ok weeks, I've been obsessed with getting my home organized and prepped, shopping for snowmen and nutcrackers and planning my big Black Friday/ Cyber Monday shopping list.

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Staying Warm! My Top Cold Weather Accessories for this Winter



One of my favorite things about fall fashion is having fun with accessories. Scarves, hats and boots are everything to me and with the air turning crisp here in New York it is finally time to start digging out out my goodies from storage.  Every year I receive tons of questions about where I find my cold weather accessories so this year I've decided to put a short list together of my fall musts and where to shop for them.  

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The Holiday Shop with


Plaid and tulle screams holiday to me!

Ladies, the holidays are here! And I am beyond excited to start talking about full-on glitz and glam fashion, yummy home cooked meals and of course holiday decor! If you haven't gathered it as of yet, I am a huge holiday nut. Growing up in a big Puerto Rican family our Christmas started in November and ran through most of January (after Three Kings Day).  So yes, we really did it up!  From Coquito (Puerto Rican Eggnog) to Pernil (Roasted Pork Shoulder), Christmas for me means a lot of food and of course dressing up to the nines because a house party isn't a house party if you aren't wearing sequins. 🙂 

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5 Must Haves for Surviving Holiday Travel


It's November which to me means the holiday frenzy is right around the corner.  With most of my family living in Puerto Rico, holiday travel is always part of my November/ December schedule and if you've ever traveled during this time of the year then you know it isn't easy. Holiday travel is always full of delays, oversold flights, crying children and not so nice adults. However, the end result, spending time with my family, is always what motivates me to book that flight. So to help you stay sane this holiday season, I've compiled a list of my favorite travel must haves that you NEED to take with you to the airport this year.

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Conquering Your Fear of Working-out In Front of People with #lucyForEveryBody

This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and lucy Activewear blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.


Growing up in the countryside of Puerto Rico, my parents loved living an active, outdoor lifestyle. From hikes to bicycle trips, my brother and I were always dragged off into a new adventure. They loved being one with nature and always found a way to sneak in some sort of physical or workout activity. A trip to the playground meant pull-ups on the monkey bars for my dad, and a walk in the park really meant a light jog for mom. As for me, I always hated it! I was a chunky kid, and I wasn't very good at sports nor did I have much stamina. I tried my best to keep up with my peers, which meant ignoring the stares, the chuckles and the not-so-helpful cheers of encouragement from bystanders.

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