Secret Santa & Holiday Wishes



Secret Santa is great for exchanging gifts with colleagues and friends. We all have long shopping lists and Secret Santa allows you to invest your funds and energy into one fabulous person.




Check out below what I wore to my Secret Santa dinner with coworkers and a few of my top Do’s and Don’ts for gift giving.




Do: Set and stick to a price point. You don’t want one person spending $10 and another $100. Set a minimum and a maximum for the group.

Don’t: Cheap out! At the very least meet the minimum. If finances are tight, kindly decline to be part of the gift giving festivities.

Do: Take this opportunity to get to know who you are gifting. Put on your spy hat and investigate their likes and wants. On the receiving end you may want to create a wish list via a website like Elfster to guide your Santa in the right direction.

Don’t: Take the easy way out and get a gift card. Gift cards are great but in my opinion, they give off the impression that minimal thought was put into the gift. If you do go the gift card route make sure it is from a place they love to shop from. Hey, I’ll welcome a gift card from Macy’s any day!

Do: Be appreciative of whatever you receive. Make sure to thank the gift giver and the organizer of the Secret Santa. Also, make sure to organize a fun activity for the exchanging of gifts. Drinks, brunch, bowling are all fun things to do in a group and will further build the bond and friendships in your group.

Don’t: Make a scene if the gift you receive is not to your liking. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Instead of pouting, revel in the company of dear friends and hopefully yummy libations.




Lastly, from the bottom of my heart I want to wish you and your family a very special holiday season.  May your days be full of love and good cheer!



Sweater (wearing XXL) – Old Navy – Pants (wearing size 18 & excellent for short ladies) – Similar Style via Old Navy – Necklace – Similar Style via Lane Bryant

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