Samurai or Carrie?

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Yes, fall is peaking around the corner, but I’m not ready to let go of my bold bright neon colors just yet. Oh style Gods, please send me a fashion trend that includes hot pink!

Anyway, for a long time I stayed away from bright colors. For some strange reason, I was convinced that by wearing bold colors I would peg myself as a typical Latina.

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Why was that a problem? Well, my younger self was focused on fitting a societal box. Nothing too bright or too bold and I was safe. Wow, what a major difference from the woman I am now.

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When I pulled together this look my husband looked at me as said I looked like a samurai. Samurai? I asked. Yes, Samurai. Then he made sure to follow that comment with one about how female Samurais are hot.

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Ok, buddy, Samurai was not the look I was going for, but I decided to stay with it. To me, the look actually reminded me of Carrie from Sex in the City. I felt flirty, sweet, and sassy all in one.

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Dress: Fashion to Figure (sold out); Blazer: Evans (sold out)

In true Carrie fashion, I strutted my stuff to work, ran errands in the city, and later meet my very own Mr. Big, or maybe we should call him Mr. Samurai, for drinks. So here it is folks, in celebration of the last days of summer this week I am honoring neon color.

How are you celebrating the last days of summer?


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