Plus Size Pattern Mixing

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My younger self worried too much about blending in and following all of the fashion rules. Bright, bold colors? No girl – that was not for me! I even remember commenting once on how a neon top was "too Puerto Rican", of course a reference to the beautiful array of bold Caribbean colors that are a part of my heritage.

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There was something about being fat, shy and just overall not very confident that left me hiding under dark, bland and boring clothing.

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Well, as you can see from today's look that Darlene is no longer around! Somehow over the past few years I've learn to accept the authenticity of my true self, embrace the layers of my personality and express my boldness through color, creativity and fashion.

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So today's look is all about that. It's about breaking the rules and being the true you.

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Top & Skirt:

How are you dressing the real you?

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