Closet Versatility: From evening to beach wear with Love, Lianca


One of my goals as a shopper is finding pieces that have versatility. Let's face it, there is only so much room in my closet and getting an article of clothing for just one special event or function is not realistic. Especially as I've gotten older, and yes more practical with my shopping, my goal has been to visualize how often I can and will realistically wear a garment.


Now this shopping strategy becomes a little bit more challenging when shopping for a special occasion. You know, we all have that section in our closet that is dedicated to the dress(s) we wore to a wedding. The ones we never pull out again! Yup, I have one too! So as I was looking for a special evening dress to wear for my boyfriend's upcoming birthday festivities I knew I wanted something elegant but also reusable. Something that would turn heads but wouldn't be banished to the land of forgotten evening dresses. So off I went to find the perfect dress and I absolutely hit the jackpot with this beauty from Love, Lianca.


This dress has the makings of a seriously stunning and incredibly hot, evening dress. I fell in love with the off the shoulder detail and the high leg split that definitely raised the sexy meter.  

I know that I said this dress was for bae's birthday BUT it seriously was too cute to just leave hanging there until the end of the month. So as I was packing for LA last week I immediately imagined all the different ways that I could incorporate it into my trip. From going out dancing to the girls to hitting the Santa Monica pier, yes, this dress needed to come with me! 


The dress is light weight which is perfect for the hot blistering weather we've been having across the country. I also loved that the fabric is a soft and at a 2x it fit perfectly to my 18/20 frame. Short ladies, this dress is long (as you can see from my pictures) but since my original intention was to wear it with heels I opted not to have it taken up. When I wore it with flats, yes I've already worn it a few times 😝, I just knotted the longer end. 

The dress is from Love, Lianca who I met at theCurvycon and instantly connected with. As an expert in her craft she instantly identified some of my concerns as an online shopper, especially given my petite size. She was amazing at offering recommendations regarding the options on her site and the sizing that would best work for me. I will say that in rare online shopping form, every item I received from Lianca fit like a glove! 

I am proud to say that I am not a fashion girl; I am an everyday girl with a fabulous signature style. My intention is to share my style tips to inspire you to find your signature style. To all my everyday girls that have fabulous style, and to those still in search of theirs, cheers to you! – Love, Lianca

I highly recommend you check her out and make sure to keep your eyes peeled as I will be sharing a few more looks from her site shortly. 



How do you restyle special garments for multiple occasions? 

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