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Plaid and tulle screams holiday to me!

Ladies, the holidays are here! And I am beyond excited to start talking about full-on glitz and glam fashion, yummy home cooked meals and of course holiday decor! If you haven't gathered it as of yet, I am a huge holiday nut. Growing up in a big Puerto Rican family our Christmas started in November and ran through most of January (after Three Kings Day).  So yes, we really did it up!  From Coquito (Puerto Rican Eggnog) to Pernil (Roasted Pork Shoulder), Christmas for me means a lot of food and of course dressing up to the nines because a house party isn't a house party if you aren't wearing sequins. πŸ™‚ 


On set with my girls, Style Over Size and La Pecosa Preciosa

This year I am so excited to announce that The Instagram Wives have partnered with to share with you our holiday fashion, inspirations and wishes for the festive season. Check out our full holiday video to see which fashion pieces we picked and our thoughts about the best time of the year.  


Spending time with friends and family is the best part of the holiday.

Spending two days shooting, glamming it up and just hanging out with my girls was probably the best part about this experience. For my look I picked the Plaid Shop because nothing screams winter and holiday to me like plaid and I was determined to show that plaid can be cozy and comfortable but can also be full on glam. Check out my individual holiday video below for the full look and to learn more about my holiday wishes.


Because this is the season of giving, I begged and pleaded with my mom to allow me to share with you her infamous Coquito recipe, trust me, it's world renown! To receive the recipe make sure you are subscribed to my email list as I will be sending it out to all subscribers this week with a few more behind the scenes pictures from the shoot. 


When a random candid turns out to be a great shot – minus the trash can lol!

Ladies, what are your wishes for this holiday season? 



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