Staying Warm While Pregnant and Beyond: Non-Maternity Options

It is finally feeling like winter in New York and if you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I've been struggling to fit into last year's outerwear. While I was avoiding hitting the mall for a new coat I did decide to finally make an investment in outerwear that I can wear now and also once the baby comes. So ladies, here are a few options to consider when shopping for outwear while pregnant.  All of these are belly friendly and some warmer then others. Plus you will be able to wear them past your pregnancy and a few you can have in your hands by this weekend.  

Cape (similar); Sweater (wearing a size 2); Leggings (wearing a size XL); Boots

The Cape

A great option for the momma who's suffering from overheating or wants something light to throw on the go. The cape has been my favorite option as it allows me to layer up or down depending on how the weather is behaving.


Wrapping it Up

I love the wrap style coat because it is warm but also allowes me to adjust it as my stomach grows or as the baby weight drops. 


Empire Waist

Accenting that growing belly is so much fun and this empire waist coat does just that!


Swing Style

Comfy and cozy! I love this swing style that can be layered up for the colder days to come.


Cardigan Uniqueness

Similar to the wrap style this cardigan style coat makes a statement while being easy and effortless.


Poncho Loving

Similar to the cape style the poncho is comfortable and easy to wear. Plus this one is perfect for breastfeeding once baby is here.



Layering is my number 1 tip when we discuss winter and outerwear. Layering the right items together will allow you to stay warm without a huge financial investment. 



Double Breasted

I love this take on a double breasted coat. With the buttons sitting high up leaves room from a growing belly while still looking sharp and chic.



Last but not least, don't forget the warm weather accessories. These items will take you far this season and will once again keep you from making a huge financial investment in outerwear.

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